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Interactive Packaging Helps You Take Yours To The Next Level

What is Interactive Packaging?:

This new technology realizes that the product isn’t the only factor consumers utilize to decide on purchasing behavior. Its goal is to involve the consumer with a memorable, deeper experience that stimulates familiarity and ultimately brand awareness.

This type of branding allows consumers to experience a new understanding relationship with the brand and product. Quick Response (QR) codes for example will allow consumers to have more information without having to download additional software.

It isn’t just to interact or learn more about the product, it allows consumers to interact with the packaging itself. For example, a wine company has infused an interactive label where when peeled, the label can be transformed into an origami piece of paper that can entertain the consumer while they enjoy the product.

Why Is Interactive Packaging Useful For Your Business?:

Overall, interactive packaging is a new technology in the packaging industry that allows consumers to have a deeper, more intuitive connection to your product and branding. It allows your product to stand out from the competition that isn’t utilizing this technology whether it be analog or digital.

If the consumer takes the time to read and interact with your packaging, purchase intent increases. In a world where time is such a valued commodity, the time taken to learn more and interact with the packaging of your product may be the deciding factor your consumer needs before purchasing.

A well-designed package is the final, pivotal communication your brand identity has to convince a consumer to choose your product out of a selection set. Your interactive packaging whether useful or informative ads an extra appeal competition may not be utilizing.

What Are The Different Types?:

Technology now allows consumers to interact with products with technology like their smartphones or tablets. On the simplistic end, features like NFC (Near Field Communication) and BLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy) are used not only to assist consumers in deciding to purchase your product but also allows for security against counterfeiting and monitoring. In an ever-growing battle against counterfeit products, it allows these goals to be tangible.

Other more complicated digital solutions like Augmented Reality (AR) are starting to emerge in the market. AR comes in many different forms but ultimately it aims to utilize technology to bridge a concept into the world we are currently experiencing.

This technology has allowed packaging to improve brand loyalty by offering company, nutritional and contact information through interactive experiences. Some companies have even taken this technology to the next level allowing consumers to “try on” products through AR or offer promotional incentives while interacting.

Analog packaging is packaging that consumers can physically utilize. The packaging designs are functional like when your product’s package becomes a hanger, utensils or storage. It can also be an entertaining communication system like a word search or origami project that leaves the consumer’s satisfied with the brand.

Why Utilize Interactive Technology?:

Simply put, interactive packaging is a low-cost investment. Adding a quick response code can yield high returns of consumer engagement without a large initial investment. Consumers scan the packaging on wine bottles for example and are presented with consumer protection information like alcohol content and ingredients.

It also allows you to reach and target a larger audience while using the materials you’re already using in your current designs. Because it normally is just an alteration to your existing packaging or graphic design, interactive elements can prove to have a high return on investment.

Caution is advised, however, as there are environmental concerns surrounding packaging in general. Interactive, sustainable packaging can combat these concerns by ensuring to use of environmentally safe inks with recyclable materials.

Digital interactions could help with this as providing additional information digitally like nutritional facts can allow you to use less material in your labels or designs.

Overall, interactive packaging is a technology that will have your customers engaging with your product before they even open it. With little to no initial cost for simpler, interactive options may be something to help your business.

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