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Customer Spotlight: Evermine

Customer Spotlight: Evermine Label

Evermine, the premier provider of personalized labels and other custom paper products, had its humble beginning in the kitchen of Jeanne Williamson.  Jeanne, a graphic designer, enjoyed making her signature jams to give to friends and family at Christmas, and she embellished them with personalized labels that she designed herself.   The process sparked an idea: why not create and sell customized labels? She described her vision to her husband David, and before the couple knew it, they had converted their spare bedroom into an office and were developing the concept for a company that sold a variety of short-run paper products for brewers, winemakers, home cooks, weddings, parties, and small businesses.  Within five months, they put up the My Own Labels website and were surprised when their first order came in! After some time spent working out the inevitable kinks, the company grew so quickly that it outgrew its name. Today, Evermine marks its 20th year in business, serving happy customers throughout the United States and beyond.   Evermine’s purchase of the DuoBlade by Arrow Systems represented an leap forward in the company’s ability to process large label orders in rolls. “I did some research and found the DuoBlade online,” says Heidi Lewis, Evermine’s plant manager.  “Then I went to San Diego and saw the Duoblade on site, and just fell in love with it. So we bought it and have had nothing but good results. It’s consistent in cutting and it allows us to do custom shapes, which is wonderful.” Previously, Evermine would need to order a die for a specific shape and then wait a day or two for it to arrive.  Having the DuoBlade is an enormous time saver and enables them to fulfill orders more quickly.   Evermine is based in Portland, Oregon, and consistent with the environmentally-friendly focus of that city, endeavors to make the world a better place by example. From the garden and compost pile in back, to forgoing the use of plastics in shipping, to biodegradable cleaning products and a dedicated recycling program, the company demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainable business and manufacturing practices.   And it takes good care of its employees, making livable income, healthcare, retirement programs, a respectful work culture, and an enjoyable workspace a priority. They even go the extra mile in ensuring a diversified workload and rejecting an assembly line model in favor of human-scaled production. Evermine’s owners and employees have collaborated to create a prime example of sustainable business in action.  Visit them online at evermine.com.  

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