Short Run Box Printer

V6 CLP Lite prints GS-1 standard barcodes and CLP labeling. Dual color in one compact Inkjet printer.

Prints small font sizes reducing operational cost. Direct impression on the container at the end of the process.

Online Digital Printing of GHS Labels

Two colors in one machine

Direct Printing on the packaging

Reduction of operational costs

Print small texts

Barcodes in GS-1 standard

CLP Labels

End-of-line customization

Digital printing for industry 4.0


  • Native resolution of 180dpi upto 60m/min
  • Multiple densities and contrasts
  • High quality barcodes. GS-1 standard
  • Intuitive user environment
  • Actual on-screen preview of the message to be printed (WYSIWYG)
  • Oil based and UV LED inks
  • Remote assistance
  • External hardware message selection
  • Integration with post-print bar code reader
  • Scripting for full customization jobs


  • Customization.
  • Short print runs
  • Promotions
  • Reduction of stock of pre printed containers
  • Practically zero maintenance
  • No stoppages to change consumables


Head resolution: 180 dpi
Speed: 60 m/min @ 180dpi
0.2 – 192 m/min depending on resolution
Height: 72 mm
140 mm
Maximum length: +100 meters
Densities: 3 levels
Typeface: True Type ™ fonts, Open Type ™
Character encoding: Unicode
Barcodes: Standard GS-1
EAN/UPC, ITF-14, GS1-128, GS1 Datamatrix,
GS1 QR Code
Printing of variable fields: User (custom fields) and
Automatic fields (dates expiration dates, shift codes, counters)
Orientation: Vertical (product side)
Horizontal (product cover)
Printing on ramps (consult)

Power supply: Auto-range
88-264 VAC
47-63 Hz, 108 W (max)
Communication ports: 1 x RS-232
1 x Ethernet 10/100
1 x USB
1 x Wi-Fi (Optional)
Other specifications
Work environment: 5 – 40 ºC (41 – 104 ºF)
IP 50
User interface : Color touch screen, 7”
Message selection with
WYSIWYG preview
Communications: Own communications protocol
Driver Windows™
Connectivity with external databases and ERP
Remote assistance
Weight: 6 kg (console)
5 kg (C L70)
Consumables: Oil-based
inks UV LED inks – MOF
Colours: Black (high contrast)
Others (consult)

Media Handling
Minimum System Requirements
Operating Environment
Operation:5 - 45 degrees Celsius (41 - 113 degrees Fahrenheit)
Electrical Specifications
Printing Function
Printer Specifications
Communication Port:1 x RS-23
1 x RS-422/485/232 (optional)
1 x WiFi (optional_)
Print Quality
Printer Fonts:True Type, Open type Fonts
Configuration:V6 Lite 70: 180dpi, 70mm, Mono
V6 Lite 140: 180dpi, 140mm, Mono
V6 Lite CLP 70: 180dpi. 70/70mm, 2 colors