High Speed Direct-To-Package Inkjet printer with Inline Varnish

Introducing the ArrowJet OverJet Pro, the latest in High Speed Direct-To-Package Inkjet printer with Inline Varnish. Utilizing Memjet’s DuraFlex technology, the ArrowJet OverJet Pro prints high resolution labels, flexible packaging, and more at speeds up to 150’/min!

The single-pass overprinting using Memjet’s DuraFlex engine provides working with automatic feeders to pass your ink-receptive print media, the Arrow OverJet is a narrow format overprinting system your business didn’t know it needed. The OverJet Pro is included with Inline Varnish to provide the extra production and durability to the finished Product.

High Speed Direct-To-Package Inkjet Printer with Inline Varnish

  • CMYK Single Printhead, Optional Inline Varnish
  • Memjet’s DuraFlex® Technology
  • Water Based Pigment Inks
  • Print on a variety of substrates due to its Overprinting System
  • Print directly on postcards, paper bags, boxes, and much more.
  • Optional Automated Customized Feeding Options.
  • Print up to 12.75 inches with media flexibility up to 31.5 inches
  • Belt Speed: Up to 150ft/min