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Decorative Solutions For Building Materials

Arrow Systems Inc. has created a new line of equipment to bring the ease of digital printing to the Ceramic and Fiber Cement industry. Using the newest printing technology available our systems allow you to design and print anything that you can imagine onto fiber cement sheets or ceramic tiles.

Digital Decoration for Building Materials

Advantages of inkjet printing over other decoration techniques

  • Zero set-up costs.
  • Cost-effective short runs.
  • Fast product change-overs.
  • Endless designs and patterns.
  • Just-in-time product customization.
  • Ideal lor all types of porous substrates.
  • Long-lasting applications.

Facts and figures

  • Primer: water-based acrylic resin.
  • Inks: 7 colors.
  • Coatings: UV-curable water-based and solvent systems.
  • Wide gamut range.
  • Quality image: 400 dpi.
  • Adhesion resistance.
  • UV resistance.
  • Decorative solutions patent pending.
Digital Decoration for Building Materials
Digital Printing Building Materials

Other applications for building materials

  • These decorative solutions are also suitable for other building materials such as fiber cement boards, gypsum and wood.