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R&D Engineer (Mechanical Engineer)

The R&D Engineer (Mechanical Engineer) is responsible for designing advanced printing systems and materials for specific customer applications as well as developing new processes and equipment for those applications. The R&D Engineer is involved in the full life cycle of our products, working throughout the conceptual stage, the design process, the testing phase and then through its final production. The R&D Engineer will also assist customers with equipment installation and train customers on the proper use and maintenance of that equipment.  More specifically, duties includes:

More specifically, duties include:

  • Designing and modifying equipment for specific customer-based applications.
  • Selecting manufacturing methods and operation of product design for customized printing and cutting equipment.
  • Overseeing the installation and commissioning of new equipment, to ensure that machines are functioning according to engineering specifications for optimal operational performance.
  • Analyzing customer design requirements, specifications, manuals, and other data to evaluate the feasibility of the design relating to cost and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Coordinating with manufacturing engineers on new automation projects, providing technical information and resolving system malfunctions to ensure seamless integration with existing equipment.
  • Investigating equipment failures or difficulties, including electrical system and mechanical failures and creating training and service manuals.
  • Installing equipment purchased by customers and training new business customers while providing technical customer service on issues with equipment.
  • Analyzing and reviewing manufacturing methods and cost analysis systems to assess feasibility, sustainability, potential new applications, or necessity of modification.
  • Researching, testing and recommending design modifications in response to machine malfunctions.

Requires BS degree and relevant education or experience.

Travel:         15% domestic

Send resume to: [email protected]