Why Premium Cannabis Labels are So Important

Why Premium Cannabis Labels are So Important


Whenever a sector is hot, such as cannabis is in the states where it is legal, there is always a rush to get products on the shelves. This rush can in turn lead to a plethora of companies with similar products on the same store shelves. The best way to differentiate your products from other similar items is through a unique branding. This can be done easily and reliably by having a label that stands out.

Whether you are ordering your labels from a supplier, or printing them in-house, there are a number of ways that you can make your labels stand out from the crowd. Some of the options that can be used to differentiate your product from the rest are the use of unique materials such as metallic or holographic films, which can be easily printed with your companies branding. These films when printed on with certain printers can offer a shinier label than one that is printed on a paper or regular films.

Another way to stand out is to use a unique design such as varnish or embossing to give your packaging a unique feel in the customers’ hand, as well as give the product some pop that many companies don’t have. This will give your product the edge on similar products, as yours will stand out from the crowd.

The final way to make your product stand out is through the use of vibrant colors. A colorful package is more likely to be picked out of a lineup of other similarly labeled products that are using a flat color such as black.

Combining these items is a sure way to create a packaging experience for your customers that will allow them to see how unique your product is when compared with similar items. The use of all three of these techniques for your labels is sure to allow your product to stand out from the rest of the market and entice customers to choose yours out of a line up.

Just be sure that whatever you do with your labels they meet the state requirements for your products! If you have any questions on your states requirements be sure to check out our state by state guide.

If you are interested in unique label printing for your products, contact Arrow Systems today. We have a number of experts who are experienced in material and applications and we will be more than happy to assist you find the perfect label for your products.

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