Why Dye Based Ink Prices are Increasing

Memjet Ink Price Increases; Why It’s Happening

Recently, Memjet sent out a press release to all of their manufacturing and OEM partners in regards to their Versapass inkjet printers. This price increase dramatically increases the cost of inks and print heads for all of their dye based engines.

The companies affected by this are far ranging, but for now it seems as if everyone with a Afinia Label, Colordyne, VIP Color, and any other Memjet OEM printer will be affected.

Pretty much everyone who has one of the Memjet desktop color label printers will have their label cost effectively increased by 40-50%! This is a substantial increase across Memjet technology, so it is important to understand why this is happening.

Dye Based Ink; A Thing of the Past

Dye based inkjet printers are a great tool for customers to effectively print their own labels in house in short to medium runs. However, dye based ink is not the safest or most environmentally friendly ink technology available.

With the push to a more sustainable future for the world, dye based printing technology is one of the latest things to feel the push towards more Green Technologies.

While it cannot be understated what the water based dye inkjet technology did for the label market, it is now time for it to go the way of other unsustainable printing technologies before it.

The increase in price is a direct reflection of the major ink companies recognizing this and reacting to the latest and greatest printing technology; water based pigment inkjet.

Pigment Based Inks; The Technology of the Future

In 2020, Memjet released their latest single pass technology using a new waterfall printhead called Duraflex. The Duraflex technology uses a pigment ink to print high resolution 1600 x 1600 dpi at high speeds of up to 45m/min (150’/min).

These pigment based ink are more water resistant, more UV resistant, and much more eco friendly than their dye based counter parts.

They are also easier to work with and much cleaner for both the environment, as well as the human ecosystem where the labels will be deployed.

The new Duraflex technology takes what was learned from Versapass dye inkjet and builds upon the technology by utilizing water based pigment inks which can be jetted at higher speeds and wider widths. The new Memjet printhead is 12.75” print width as opposed to the 8.77” that the previous dye based head was able to print.

The wider web width and the higher speeds, combined with the Nestle and Swiss compliant inks, allow for a truly remarkable piece of technology that use solid particles rather than the dissolvable dyes of the past.

These solid particles do not migrate through packaging, allowing for truly food safe labels and flexible packaging to be printed on demand.

While there are some disadvantages to aqueous pigment inkjet printing, the benefits far outweigh small disadvantages vs the dye inks.

The water based dye and pigment ink types are both great technologies from Memjet, but the longevity and sustainability from pigment, along with the higher print speeds, reduced ink and printhead costs, and ability to integrate with other new, advanced technology will be the deciding factors in the search for the latest in Memjet print types.

How Can You Upgrade Your Dye Printer to Pigment?

While it is impossible to take your smaller desktop printer and upgrade it for use with the new Duraflex ink technology, Arrow Systems, Inc. is offering an upgrade program for the following models of printer:

Afinia L-701

Afinia L-801

Afinia L-901

Colordyne 1600

Colordyne 1800

VIP Color VP750

VIP Color VP700

VIP Color VP650

VIP Color VP600

Trojan T2-C

Trojan T2

Any of these models can be traded in for ArrowJet Aqua 330R, ArrowJet Aqua 330R Lite, or ArrowJet Aqua Hybrid printers.

We are committed to helping transition the printing world away from water-based dye technology and into the future with water-based pigment inkjet.

For more information on the ArrowJet line of printers, or the trade in program we are offering, feel free to contact us today to learn more!

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