The Future of Cannabis Packaging

The Future of Cannabis Packaging

As the cannabis industry continues to grow throughout North America, cannabis companies are beginning to bring their label printing in-house to save time and money on their packaging. While they may outsource some of their packaging requirements, the labels that they are applying to the products are more frequently being printed with in-house digital label printers for a number of reasons. Some of these are outlined below.

  1. Fast turn-around time

There is nothing worse than having a shipment get held up due to a vendor not supplying labels or packaging on time. The ability to print labels when they are needed allows cannabis companies to get their product out the door on time without having to wait for a third party to complete their order.

  1. No Minimum Order Quantities

If a business only needs a few hundred labels for a new product test or custom made run in-house label printing can be extremely beneficial. Instead of having to order a minimum quantity from a label manufacturer, the exact amount of labels the order requires can be printed without any excess expense or waste. High-quality labels can be printed on demand with no waste whenever they are needed.

  1. Last Minute Design Changes

Let’s say an order changes last minute and the old labels used are now obsolete: How does one handle such a situation? Dispose of the irrelevant labels and order entirely new ones from the supplier? Unfortunately, without a label printer in-house this may be the only option. On-demand label printing saves money, trees, and time so the order can be exactly as the customer needs, even if it is last minute.

  1. Meeting Labeling Requirements

Cannabis labeling has come under more scrutiny since legalization began to go into full effect. Regulation varies from State to State and Country to Country. Being able to adapt to the changes in the label regulations on-demand will help your company stay up to date and never have any down time in getting your product out the door on time.

  1. Reduced Label Costs

Most companies don’t realize how much they are actually spending on labels compared to what they can save by printing them in-house. Typically, a label purchased from a label printing company can be marked up 300-500% from what it would cost to produce the same label in-house. The main issue is that there is a capital expense to bringing your printing in-house, but a typical ROI shows that in-house label printers pay for themselves in as little as 3 months!

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