Digital Printing of Tags for Tagless Shirts

Arrow Systems, Inc. partnered with The HIX Corporation to create a new process for a digital R2R heat transfer system for tagless t-shirt labels. This new process allows garment producers to digitally create any shirt tag design, on demand, without the use of custom screens, plates, or space consuming equipment. The new process will help to streamline current production methods and aid in eliminating many of the drawbacks associated with screen printing, ink cups, or traditional heat transfer methods. The process has been designed to allow for complete workflow customization, giving you the power to control how the process will be implemented into your existing workflow. This translates into easy integration, improved efficiency, and reduced cost. Improve your bottom line with the Arrow Heat Transfer Process!

Advantages of Tagless T-shirt Printing:

  • No sewn tags, preventing irritation against skin
  • Tagless is recognized as a premium feature – an added source of revenue
  • Reduced waste – no stocking large inventory quantities – create tags as needed
  • In-house label production – remove vendor constraints

Advantages of Arrow Systems, Inc. Proprietary Digital Process:

  • True one-step heat transfer – just print and apply!
  • No secondary transfer papers needed – proprietary Arrow Transfer Material
  • Full digital process: same cost/piece – 1 or 1,000
  • Streamline workflow: Roll-to-roll application
  • No drying ovens, curing time, or multiple color stations
  • On demand design creation and alterations
  • Full control of label design and production: No lead/down time for design alterations
  • No custom screens/plates needed
  • No setup cost – no messy inks or long setup times
  • Full 4-color process (CMYK) – Full color logos & designs
  • White printing with adjustable opacity for dark and black garments
  • Variable data compatible – SKU’s, UPC’s, Sequential Numbering,
  • Excellent for promotional t-shirts/garment labeling
  • Only 1 operator needed – reduce labor costs & improve efficiency
  • Small system footprint – table top application allows you to operate off office desks
  • Produce hundreds of garments per hour! (450 + garments /hour)
  • Weed/Trim-Free Process!
  • Only the design is transferred – no adhesive or residue left behind
  • Soft Touch Application – less irritation and higher customer satisfaction
  • Instant Hot Peel
  • 3-5 second dwell time!


ANY-002 roll-to-roll printer

The ANY-002 table top roll-to-roll digital print system saves you time and money versus conventional heat transfer production methods. With a footprint the size of an office desk,

you can setup shop just about anywhere and be ready for full scale production!

HIX Roll-to-roll heat press

Take the headache and time out of heat transfers with the HIX roll-to-roll heat press. Digital sensors and displays make production a breeze for fast and easy applications.

Arrow Slitter – 1500 (Optional)

Fully customize your label production process with the Arrow Slitter – 1500. Slit your media down to any size you’d like, to allow for easy integration into your existing workflow.

Training and Support

Get peace of mind with training and support from Arrow Systems, Inc.! We offer on-site installation, training and post-sale service and support to provide a turnkey solution for your business. Whether it’s a general question or something more, rest assured Arrow Systems, Inc. is here for you.

Any-002 Heat Transfer Process
HIX r2r heat transfer process

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