Top Five Digital Label Printers of 2020

Check out our updated list for 2021 here   Digital Labeling is the perfect balance of creative freedom and quality. The low cost of production ensures your company can adjust your label printing as your company develops. Below are a few of the top label printers on the market today that can help you achieve … Continued

Effective Ways to Use White Space in Label Design

Effective Ways to Use White Space in Label Design Advertisers have long known about the power of subliminal messaging – the way that a message speaks to the subconscious mind.  When a graphic artist uses white space, they are leveraging that principle to boost the marketing impact of a design. Effective use of white space … Continued

The American Bumper Sticker:  A Brief History

The American Bumper Sticker:  A Brief History Did you know that road rage is more common among drivers whose cars bear bumper stickers than among those who cars are sticker-less, regardless of the belief system expressed by those stickers?   So says the author of a 2005 study on road rage, and it may be … Continued

5 Tips for Cosmetic Labels

5 Tips for Printing Your Cosmetic Labels Whether you’re a small-business or a large corporation in the cosmetics space, competition can be tough. There are countless numbers of competing products designed to fill the same needs as your own, sometimes with extensive marketing dollars behind them. It can be extremely difficult to stand out on … Continued

Does Your Product Need Tamper Evident Labels

Does Your Product Need Tamper Evident Labels Almost 40 years ago in the 1980’s “over the counter” medications did not require tamper evident labels. Now in the 21st century circa 2019, whether companies make prescription or non-prescription pharmaceuticals, furniture, electronics, food products and everything in between, their products include some form of tamper evident labels. … Continued

How to Create Labels that Stand Out

How to Create Labels that Stand Out You’ve spent months, maybe even years formulating the perfect product and you know it inside and out better than you know yourself. Now its time to design the packaging and label. To design a label that really stands out, you must know your market—and this process should hopefully … Continued

Are Your Labels Drawing Attention?

Are Your Labels Drawing Attention? When the sales for your business have plateaued and you’ve checked everything but you still can’t figure out why, you may have missed one little detail. Regardless of whether your marketing team is large or small, many companies consider the labels on their products as a minor detail compared to … Continued

The #1 Reason Why Sign And Copy Shops Should Get Into Label Printing

Why Sign Shops and Copy Shops Should Bring in Digital Label Printers The  #1 reason why your sign or copy shop should get into label printing is that an in-house label printing system will mean a significant increase in your bottom line profit margins! Sign and copy shops depend on quick customer turn-overs and usually … Continued

Case Study: CCL Design Singapore

CCL Design Singapore Installs Anytron Equipment to Boost Label Production CCL Design (Singapore) is a part of CCL Label, a leading package and label manufacturer. They offer innovative label and packaging services using the state of the art technology. With their services, your products will stand out in the competitive market. Find out how this … Continued

Smart Labels and QR Codes

Smart Labels and QR Codes People have a massive craving for information these days and when it comes to their money they can be even pickier about what they want to know. A popular saying is, “speak with your wallet;” which is letting companies and businesses know more about what people expect out of the … Continued