Trends in Labeling

Back to Basics Simple and bold labels seem to be making a comeback. These designs are effective because it limits the work the eye has to do in order to see what you’re trying to sell. By keeping your branding clear and concise you are able to eliminate the background print that make it confusing … Continued

The Packaging Needs of the Emerging Cannabis Industry

What was once an illegal, underground trade, has become a booming industry, packed with opportunity for packaging professionals. Cannabis has been legalized to varying degrees in a variety of states, providing package printers and converters a new market segment to explore and new brand owners to partner with. However, there are several key elements to be … Continued

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Labeling Regulations

Regulations For The American Cannabis Industry By State If you want your cannabis business to run smoothly, the most important thing you’ll need to do first, is to get into compliance with state legislative guidelines. This is no easy feat since many state governments are constantly changing their cannabis legislative guidelines for conducting business and … Continued

Does Your Product Need Tamper Evident Labels

Almost 40 years ago in the 1980’s “over the counter” medications did not require tamper evident labels. Now in the 21st century circa 2019, whether companies make prescription or non-prescription pharmaceuticals, furniture, electronics, food products and everything in between, their products include some form of tamper evident labels. They’re just good for business! Tamper evident … Continued

The Future of Cannabis Packaging

The Future of Cannabis Packaging As the cannabis industry continues to grow throughout North America, cannabis companies are beginning to bring their label printing in-house to save time and money on their packaging. While they may outsource some of their packaging requirements, the labels that they are applying to the products are more frequently being … Continued

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