5'' Digital Label Cutter

Compact, tabletop blade finisher for labels and stickers. Instantly laminate, cut, and slit labels or stickers up to 4.88” wide.

The LF-100 is the perfect entry model label cutter and can be paired with Epson, Quick Label, Anytron, and Colordyne printers.

The compact footprint is perfect for office environments, as well as industrial applications where space is limited.

The LF-100 is a roll-to-roll label cutter that can be used to cut out stickers and labels on virtually any substrate. Using specially designed eye marks, the LF-100 allows for seamless die-cutting of all shapes and sizes. Its compact design allows it to fit in almost any environment. The LF-100 is the ideal cutting solution for short run, in-house label production. Save TIME and MONEY by using continuous media to print instead of pre-cut media!

Roll-to-Roll Blade Cutter

The LF-100 is a table-top roll label cutter that is designed to laminate, die-cut, and slit pre-printed roll labels.

Pair with any Label Printer!

Pair it with any roll label printer to digitally cut up to 5” width material. It is the perfect addition to any in-house label printer! Pair it with Epson printers or Ql-300 printers to save money on pre-cut labels!

Increased Blade Efficiency

Inexpensive, multi-edge blades extend cut life and reduce frequency of replacement.

Product Dimensions
Weight:220 lbs.
Media Handling
Media Width:3.94" - 5.51"
Media Handling
Media Width:3.94" - 5.51"
Cutting Function
Cutting Speed:65 ft./min. - 16 ft./min.