Lemorau EBRM+ Semi Rotary Label Finisher

The Lemorau EBRM+ is the latest in table-top semi-rotary finishing. It comes complete with lamination, slitting, and matrix removal for an ideal solution to your label finishing needs. The EBRM+ can be utilized as either a semi-rotary or full rotary label finishing system. It can be used as an offline finisher, or inline for a full print and cut solution.

The EBRM+ is a compact system that allows users to laminate, die-cut, slit, and rewind pre-printed labels with ease. It features electronic web tension control and is easily operated even in the smallest environment.

Standard Features

Maximum speed 25 m/min (82 ft/min.)

Maximum Web width 250 mm (10 in)

Electronic labels and meters counter

Web guide with splice table

Variable web tension control (automatic on rewinder and waste rewinder)

6 sets of circular knives with lateral adjustment

1 unwinder mechanical shaft with max. diameter 300mm (12 in)

Rewinder mechanical shaft with max. diameter 360mm (14 in)

1 waste rewinder mechanical shaft with max. diameter 360mm (14 in)

Labels in/labels out rewinding

Die cutting unit in register with rotary/semi-rotary modes and lateral adjustment

Semi-rotary magnetic cylinder Z130

Paper and matrix break detection

Electronic sensors to start, stop, move faster and move slower

Color touch screen with multi language function

Remote assistance through internet connection

CE conformity certificated, user manual and electrical scheme


Optional Features

Additional slitting knives

Anvil roll with adjustable gap

Clear on clear sensor

Easy strip waste rewinder

Razor slitting knives

Work bench

Roll-to-Roll Semi-Rotary Finisher

The Lemorau EBRM+ is a table-top roll-to-roll label finisher compact enough to be used in any environment. It uses a semi-rotary cylinder to die-cut labels at high speeds.


All-in-One: Die-Cut, Slit, and Laminate!

With the ability to die-cut, laminate, and slit all in-line, it is perfect for customers who need high volume finishing production with limited space.

Pair with any Label Printer!

Pair it with any of our digital printers for full end-to-end production of labels!

General Information
Normal Print Speed:25 m/min (82 ft/min.)
Max Print Width:250 mm