1800-C Digital Inkjet Label Printer

On-demand primary and secondary labeling with integrated variable data and AIDC applications have never been easier. Colordyne’s latest digital printing platforms offer fast, high-quality and scalable solutions to reduce costs and eliminate pre-printed label inventories. The 1800 Series C offers enhanced versatility and performance with its flat, unobstructed printing path and on-press user interface. Brand owners, private label manufacturers and print providers can produce the exact quantity of high-resolution process color labels and tags the job calls for, large or small.

The 1800 Series C can be easily set up and monitored during production from its 7-inch touch screen display with frequently used printer functions. Monitor printer status, ink levels, job status and more. Plus set application formats on screen, including: roll-to-roll, roll-to-cut and fan fold; making for quick set-up and change-over between jobs. Print on pre-cut roll labels, or print and cut using a finishing system with ease!

• Complete printer control from 7-inch on-press monitor

• Easy to replace 250 mL ink cartridges

• Mid-job print head maintenance without breaking the web

• 60 feet per minute (18 m/min) max print speed

• UW and RW options available

• Detailed job costing software

• Print full bleed on pre die cut media

• Harlequin-based RIP software

• Spot color replacement

• PDF, Post Script workflow

• On-the-fly color management

Versatile Production

Set application formats and monitor production from the 7-inch touch screen display complete with frequently used printer functions as well as ink levels and job status.

Increase Production

Print up to 60 feet per minute (18 m/min), manage color on the fly and have the ability to maintain the printhead mid-job without breaking the web! This printer is the height of productivity.

Product Dimensions
Media Handling
Media Width:2'' - 9''
Media Caliper:.004" - .012"
Media Sensing:Gap Sensor
Black Mark Sensor
Print Head:Memjet