Anytron ANYCUT III - Modular Laser Die-Cutter

Roll-to-Roll or Roll-to-Part Laser Cutter

The Anytron Anycutt III is a state of the art laser finisher. Designed for the optimal die-cutting of 13″ media, the Anycut III provides top of the line speeds at an affordable price. With the ability to die-cut, slit, laminate, and remove excess material all in line, the Anycut III is sure to speed up your digital finishing processes.

Laser Die-Cut a Wide Range of Materials

The ANYCUT III allows users to die-cut paper, PET, PP, BOPP, Lexan, and much more! Die-cut printed materials or create blank cuts for use with printers that can accept pre-cut materials.

The Anycut III can also be used inline with Memjet printing technology for a fully automated workflow. Print and cut in-line at 30’/min!

Anytron ANYCUT III Details & Specs

The ANYCUT III is the latest in state of the art finishing capabilities. The ability to laminate, die-cut, remove matrix, and slit all in line allows users to speed up their digital finishing exponentially. An in-line web guide keeps the media running straight and increases the tolerance of the laser to .02 mm. Easy to use software allows you to be up and running in no time at all and a touch screen display allows you to see exactly how your system is operating. The ANYCUT III is truly the next generation of digital finishing technology!

  • Minimizes Retooling
    10,000 labels in one hour post setting the machine
  • Quality Laser Technology
    Advanced laser solution & web guide sensor to ensure clean, accurate labels
  • Time & Cost Efficient
    One-stop laminating, scrap paper removal and slitting. Different cutting methods for single label cut performance & no knife/knife edge replacements!
  • User-Oriented
    Set your roll, input cutting positions and push the buttons! Modules separate for easy transport
  • Media Versatility
    Thickness, type, and degree of cutting through fine control of intensity and speed: Ideal for various types of media
  • Matrix Removal
  • Safety Switch & Control Panel
  • Rewinding System
  • Slitter (Up to 5 Knives Available)
  • Line Camera
Up to 10,000 labels/hour
13.7'' Web Width
150 Watt CO2 Powered Galvano Laser
Lamination, Die-Cutting, Slitting, Rewinding, and Matrix Removal
Cut Super long Labels (Up to 3.9')
Multiple Cutting Functions
  • Split Cut
  • Full Cut
  • Kiss Cut
  • Perforation
  • Hatching
  • Etching
  • Marking
Product Dimensions
Weight:2204 lb
Electrical Specifications
Rated Voltage:220V
Materials & Substrates:Paper, Polypropylene, PET, BOPP, Polycarbonate
Web Width:13.7''
Max Roll Diameter:15.75''
Media Thickness:Max: 10mm (0.39'')
Laser Source:150 Watt CO2 Galvano Laser
Cooling:Water Cooled
Cutting Area:11.8'' x 3.9'