13" Blade Finisher for Roll Labels

Anytron ANYBLADE is a state of the art digitally-operated die-cutter for roll labels. It’s precision and customer-oriented design makes it the perfect label cutter for the home or office space. The user-friendly interface allows for seamless and efficient operation, and not having to retool enables cutting on the fly at any size. Reduce your costs from precut labels by switching adding a blade diecutter for your label printing operations. It’s the one-stop solution for laminating, matrix removal and slitting simultaneously.


Anytron ANYBLADE 13″ Blade Finisher Details

The Anytron ANYBLADE is a heavy duty blade finisher. It allows for digitally die-cutting, laminating, slitting, and rewinding of even the heaviest roll materials. Using proprietary software, the ANYBLADE holds extremely tight tolerances, allowing the user to set up their cut file and walk away. The addition of a second cutting head allows for increased cutting speeds of smaller labels.

  • No Need For Retooling
    Without retooling and stockholding, labels can be cut on demand to any proportion.
  • No Professional Know-How Required
    It’s simple and easy to operate the ANYBLADE, no previous technical skills necessary!
  • Time and Cost Efficient
    Completed labels can be easily wound with two rewinders.
  • Pristinely Compact Design
    Cutting can be done anywhere thanks to ANYBLADE’s portable design.
  • Precision Registration
    Detects up to 4 black marks for accurate registration, avoiding any synchronization issues.
  • Maximum User Satisfaction
    Each modularized part can be assembled and added for an all-in-one process.
  • Supports Various Materials
    Paper, film, and even metallic!
13" Blade Finisher
  • 13.5” Web Width
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • 0.2 mm (0.00787”) Tolerance
Easy to Learn

With this easy to learn machine, you will be able to cut your own labels in a matter of days!

Dual Cutting Heads

This product is also available with dual cutting heads to increase productivity.

Product Dimensions
Electrical Specifications
Rated Voltage:110-220V
Max Web Speed:25'/min
Max Roll Diameter:13.7"