Integrated Rewinder and Label Counter

The Anytron ANY-Rewinder helps you to realize the perfect roll-to-roll label solution. It has a normal and reverse rotation mode as well as a counter function for simple and easy label number checking. Combined with the ANY-002 Digital Label Printer, the ANY-Rewinder is unchallenged in terms of productivity.

The Anytron ANY-REWINDER allows the ANY-002 to become a fully integrated, roll-to-roll print system. Complete with tension bar, digital label counter, forward and reverse settings, and direct connect chord for the ANY-002, the ANY-REWINDER is the perfect supplement for the ANY-002 print system.

  • Laser System
    Black mark sensing for counting the number of printed labels.
  • Rewinding Guide
    Media guide for supporting various media widths.
  • Counter and Operating Button
    Tension of rewinding mode, Rewinder ON/OFF mode, and Normal/Reverse rotation mode.
  • Laser system
  • Rewinding guide
  • Counter and operating button
Printing Function
Print Speed:Max 9m/m
Power Consumption
Operating:110 V or 220V