ANY-002 Roll-to-Roll Laser Printer

ANY-002 Digital Label Printer

The Anytron ANY-002 is the premier GHS certified, digital color label printer for small batch printing. Utilizing a 600 x 1200dpi high-resolution color laser engine, it supports precision printing using a toner-based system. With the ability to print on continuous roll material as well as pre-die-cut label stock, the Any-002 is the perfect addition to any printing operation. The low-temperature fuser allows for delicate media use for special material applications without coated media and the guillotine cutter automatically cuts the media once a job is finished to save time and money.

The Anytron Any-002 can be used to create high-quality promotional labels as well as GHS compliant drum and bottle labels. It’s also perfect for any type of consumer-based labels, such as food labels, cannabis labels, e-juice labels, and much more! Print on precut roll labels or print and cut using an offline finisher.

Problems label converters face:

  • Difficulties in short run and fast lead time
  • Variable data processing
  • Need for skilled operators
  • Factory space
  • Working environment: new people are not hired
  • New digital technology: difficulty in adopting to new technology
  • Color management
  • Lower profits / stiff competition

What problems do you have in
analog printing?

9 problems of analog label printing

  • Difficulties in short run and fast lead time
  • Set up time too long / a lot of waste loss
  • Pre-press is always needed
  • Mold for die-cutting (time & cost)
  • Difficulty in color management
  • Quality is operator-dependent
  • Factory space is needed
  • Dirty working environments
  • Too difficult to run variable data processing

Arrow’s advantages

  • Manufacture small quantity, various labels less than 5,000 units within 2 hours
  • Reliable products can be manufactured because it is convenient to maintain the same quality and manage color with software
  • Reduction in man-hours by saving unnecessary pre-press and set up time
  • Active marketing is possible because it is easy to manufacture samples of labels
  • Production cost can be saved because variable data works (bar code, QR code, numbering, date of production etc.) can be processed at the same time
  • Productivity can be maximized because several projects can be done easily even in one day
  • Reduction in rental cost and improvement of worker’s efficiency are possible because work can be done in an office environment, not in factory environment
  • Additional operator is not necessary. Total cost can be reduced because label designers can use it personally

Customer service for the Arrow

  • Immediate service
  • Total solution: machine, consumables, service, training
  • Fast upgrade every 6 month
  • Regular training is provided
  • Customization by special request
  • Continuous support for customer’s success
  • Business consulting for label printing market
High Speed, High Quality

Can print 2,500 color labels/hour or up to 30 feet per minute! High-quality labels for low consumable costs.

Easy to Use

User Friendly Plug & Play design, no need for professional technicians! Convenient desktop label printing that supports variable data application! with advanced ANYTRON software.

Everything You Need in One System!

Complete with guillotine cutting unit, gap sensor for pre-cut label rolls, and variable fuser heat settings, the ANY-002 supports highly delicate materials, and in-sync re-winder.

Product Dimensions
Width:21.65" (550 mm)
Length:19.3" (490 mm)
Height:17.72" (450 mm)
Weight:57 lbs (26 kg)
General Information
Normal Print Speed:9m per minute (30feet/minute)
Normal Resolution:600 X 1200dp
Media Handling
Max Print Length:3.93' (1.2 m)
Software Solutions
Software:Compose Rip S/W, Wasatch Rip S/W, Windows driver
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System:Windows XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 7
Electrical Specifications
Rated Voltage:220~240 VAC
Rated Frequency:50~60Hz
Power Consumption:Max: 1,300 W
Average Power:600W
Printing Function
Print Speed:9m per minute (30feet/minute)
Interface and Software
Connectivity:High-speed USB, TCP/IP

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