How to Print Weed Labels

How to Print Weed Labels

Every business owner would love to sell the most attractive products when it comes to cannabis. Weed labels become more appealing to the eyes of the customers when printed correctly.

The manufacturer has to adhere to the rules of their respective states and market the weed accordingly. There are different sets of label requirements that every state lays down when it comes to designing weed labels.

Commercial label printers are widely used to get the job done. Now the real question to beg here is how?

CBD labels have a very big demand, with more and more states trying to legalize marijuana. Hence, the manufacturers selling weed drives demands to purchase high speed inkjet printers.

As a manufacturer, you would want the right commercial label paired with the right cannabis product. So let’s dive a little deep into the process of how to print your weed labels.

Printing weed labels is basically the same as printing any labels. What’s more important here is how you want to print the labels.

Buy the Right Color Label Printer

A high speed digital label printer should do the trick. There are many advantages to digital label printing, including the ability to change designs on the fly, as well as input variable information like QR codes and barcodes seamlessly. To print the best cannabis labels we recommend our clients the best of tabletop printers that the label industry possesses.

Quicklabel’s QL 300 5 Color Laser Label Printer

World’s first tabletop printer with ink cartridges supporting a fifth color i.e White. The conventional system of a CMYK color printer is being redefined by Quicklabel, adding a fifth color to their artillery.

The unwinding systems feed the label roll in the machine and the toners does the rest of the job quite efficiently. With a 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, printing at a speed of 30’/min and accepting a media width of 5” makes the print job work conveniently.

Quicklabel has a couple more label printers that help manufacturers print the right weed labels. But QL 300 tops the ranking in terms of efficiency and the option of adding a fifth color puts QL 300 in a different ball game altogether.

Printing shiny labels for short run print jobs of cannabis labels has never been easy. With the QL-300 it has never been easier!

One of the most compact label printers, QL 300’s label application can be tailored for any short run or in house printing needs.

Trojan T2-C Inkjet Label Printer

The next in line is Trojan’s T2-C.

Trojan brought T2-C to the label industry with the idea of printing labels at a great resolution and making the print job quick and efficient.

With the ability to print 4 labels at one time and giving out almost no waste, makes T2-C the best choice for label runs with practically no MOQs. With a low cost per page, and high quality prints, the T2-C is a game changer for any cannabis company looking to print their own labels!

The unwinders and rewinders work in tandem. You can use pre cut label rolls and the Trojan Control software conducts the print job with utmost precision. T2-C also provides its user the advantage of 8.8” media web width.

High durability, high speed, high quality inkjet labels makes T2-C stand out against its printers. Weighing at roughly 132lbs and dimensions of 23.8”x22.8”x31.3” means this machine can sit anywhere the customer wants.

Adding to the list of features, you will be surprised to know that the ink tanks come with 2 liters of capacity for CMYK inks. It also supports dye inks or ink cartridges.

Small business owners would love to get their hands on T2-C rather than outsourcing the print job to any label company. As T2-C is very easy to use and no specialized training is required.

Printing pressure sensitive labels is not going to be a concern for Trojan’s T2-C, as the pre-cut label sensor helps the users to print thousands of labels quickly.

Users can reap the benefits of T2-C according to the products they plan on to sell. Label designs for weeds or CBD product labels can be uploaded on the Trojan Control Software.

Colordyne 1800-C Digital Inkjet Printer

Colordyne’s 1800 C inkjet printer offers their user high quality labels. Using Memjet’s engine, customers can get a taste of using a printer by the best of the print engine technology manufacturer.

1800 C prints at a healthy speed of 60’/min with unwinding and rewinding both options available to the users. Colordyne also gives on-the-fly color management in 1800 C with spot color replacement and can print both color and monochrome.

Producing weed labels for short runs on demand is made easy with 1800 C. For immaculate finishing 1800 C can be used with Arrow Eco 300 Roll-to-Roll Label cutter.

Colordyne adds a detailed job costing software to 1800 C and makes sure that the labels can be printed on full bleed pre die-cut labels.

Use the Right Label Material

Materials are the most important factor in printing your weed labels. Just like any individual needs the right dietary supplement to keep their body in check, labeling machines require the right material so that the manufacturer can sell the product with appropriate profits.

There are many types of materials used for printing cannabis product labels. The most common ones are the White or clear BOPP and Shiny or Gold BOPP.

White Label Material

If you want to show the white color on your label, the most recommended material to be used is White BOPP. BOPP stands for Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene, this material provides water and CBD oil resistance when printed.

The background of white color pops out according to the label design if the machine does not support it, unlike QL 300 5 Color laser printer.

Clear Label Material

Clear labels are mostly used in jars. Whenever a CBD manufacturer decides to sell weed in a jar, they use clear BOPP. The intention is very clear here. Manufacturers want their prospective weed clients to take a good look at the quality of the weed and purchase accordingly. Moreover, there will be some design used by the labeling system to enhance the sticker on the jar.

Shiny Label Material

A direct mode of customer service is the eye catching look of a label. If you want the weed label to stand out against your competitor, we believe using the shiny metallic silver or gold BOPP is the way to go.

The more attractive and appealing the label is, higher the chances of selling the product. The material gives a high class appearance to the jar or the mylar bag used for packaging.

Use the Right Label Cutter

A label finishing system is required to slit and cut the labels. The printers above can be best paired with a finishing system that digitally cuts the labels when pre-cut rolls cannot be used.

Arrow’s arsenal carries a few good finishing systems that have been highly recommended by our happy customers.

Arrow DB Petit Digital Plotter

A tabletop digital blade finisher used to cut labels at a premium speed of 8m/min. It comes with 2 cutting heads and can support a media width of 80-240mm.


DB Petit is often used with T2-C to cut cannabis labels, cosmetic labels, water bottle labels and stickers.

It also supports slitting for a complete production workflow.

Arrow DBSX Digital Knife Finisher

Arrow DBSX 13” Blade Finisher is used for slitting and cutting for in-house label production and industrial printing.

With a cutting speed of 16.4’/min, DBSX makes the cutting process very quick. It possesses dual rewinders and can hold up to 4 cutting blades to give its users the perfect cutting experience.

In-line finishing, slitting and matrix removal system provides high quality finished labels for weeds and cosmetics.

Arrow Eco 300 Economic Roll-to-Roll Label Cutter.

The printing job isn’t finished as long as the labels are cut in its respective shapes. Arrow’s Eco 300, a roll-to-roll label cutter completes the printing process.

This finishing system can be easily paired with any roll printer. Although we’ve understood that Colordyne’s 1800 C Digital inkjet printers run best with Arrow Eco 300 finishing system.

This finishing system is extremely quiet and cuts at a speed of 3’/min with a cutting length of 6”. Eco 300 also features in-line cutting and matrix removal system. The finishing system carries a timing mark so as to digitally die cut any file.

Cutting and slitting weed labels, stickers and cosmetic labels is very easy and convenient with Arrow’s Eco 300 Roll-to-Roll Label cutter.

The entire process of getting the right printer accompanied with the correct materials and finally the finishing required via a label cutter makes the process of printing weed labels straight forward.

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