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How to Increase Brand Awareness: Strategies to Make it Stick

How to Increase Brand Awareness: Strategies to Make it Stick

Have you ever wanted to increase brand awareness but don’t know where to start?  How do you create brand awareness in a way that is as simple as it is cost effective? One of the easiest ways to expand upon your band is to use your logo or graphic directly on your bag. It’s untapped real-estate and if done correctly, can increase your customer base as well as your bottomline.  Think about a time you made a purchase at Walmart. You are ready with your items but forgot your reusable bags, so you opt for the typical Walmart brand. Even for a large corporation, brand awareness is key.  You can print directly onto your bags for mere pennies on the dollar, cutting costs and downtime between shipments and allowing for a more seamless workflow.  The best way to print your bags and make sure it is precisely catered to your customers needs, is to print directly in-house; easily customizing packaging to meet your standards and take your business to the next level. 

What’s the Next Step? 

Custom shopping bags are a great way to reinforce your brand and introduce your brand to new customers. Meeting these goals are fantastic on their own, but to meet these objectives while you also help your bottom line is a very savvy business move.  Even if you’re not printing custom designed labels or producing your own white labels, keeping on brand is very important. How can you increase your production if you can’t produce your labels or packaging fast or efficiently enough to meet demand?  The answer is quite simple – print your bags on demand directly in-house, saving you time and unnecessary headache down the line by remaining in command of your brand and your product.  One of the best things about printing directly in-house is the ability to print low quantity orders while remaining cost effective. It also helps create faster turnaround times and allows for more control over high-quality prints. In other words; the benefits for printing in-house are quality, cost and flexibility.  

Where Should You Start?  

Here are some great direct-to-packaging printers to help get you started. With the endless possibilities of direct-to-packaging printing, it can be daunting to shift through the logistics of what best works for your company and brand. Whether printing directly onto boxes or bags, these top short to medium run printers can make your industry presence that much stronger. 

The Arrow OverJet

The Arrow OverJet prints on paper bags but also onto all materials with ink receptive surfaces such as cardboard, paperboard and card stock. 
Arrow OverJet printer
The Arrow OverJet is a digital inkjet printer that can print directly onto your packaging
This is a high-speed, pigmented inkjet printer that uses water soluble inks to print directly onto boxes and bags with efficiency and ease. It can print on everything from postcards to paper bags and boxes. With speeds as fast as 150 feet per minute, this machine allows you print on a wide range of surfaces without the requirement for a varnish. The Arrow OverJet also makes use of Memjet’s DuraFlex Technology. When compared to traditional procedures, this single-pass technology saves on time and material. It not only keeps your business running smoothly, but it also keeps it systematic and structured. Your business will spend more time printing and less time with continuous printhead and belt cleaning.  Since the automatic height collaboration is continuously running at speeds of up to 45 meters per minute, it reduces machine downtime between runs saving your business both time and money to meet customer demands.

The Limitroinc Color V6

The Limitronic Color V6
The Limitronic Color prints at high-speeds and directly onto bags and boxes
Next up is The Limitronic V6 Color which offers the latest in digital printing technology. This new printing solution lets you adapt full color graphics and packaging coding onto any kind of box. With a native resolution as high as 360 dpi, easily integrate your packaging with a post-print bar code reader, and scripting for full customization of jobs, giving you quality oil based and UV LED prints on packaging in real time.  The road to printing your bags in-house isn’t a linear one. Our experienced representatives can help you find exactly the type of printing equipment your business needs with their wide selection of digital label printers and finishers, so you’ll never have to outsource your production ever again.  Contact us today to receive a free quote and consultation.

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