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Filtrabox Fume Extraction

Filtrabox Fume Extractors are highly regarded as the latest and best technology for fume extraction. The specially designed filters allow for enhanced airflow and air circulation, which allows the filters to last longer than the leading competitors.

[name] | Premier Partner for Filtrabox

[name] has been pairing the Filtrabox fume extractors with our laser finishing systems for over 3 years. When we compare these fume extractors with others that we have used in the past we find that there is no contest, so we decided to start selling and supporting them ourselves.

Full Fume Extraction Capabilities

The Filtrabox Fume Extractors don’t just pull fumes from a system and port them outside. The enhanced filtration technology runs the fumes through a set of filters that pull out all of the toxins and recirculate the clean air back into the environment. No more holes in your ceilings or long hoses running throughout your facility. With the Filtrabox technology, you can rest assured the easiest and best fume extraction technology on the market!