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Evermine Installs DBSX

Evermine Brings in DBSX to Compliment KM Accuriolabel 190

Portland, OR – Evermine, a longtime producer of stickers has begun offering roll label products to their customers. With the purchase of a Konica Minolta Accuriolabel 190, Evermine jumped in to the digital label printing field in a big way. In addition to the Accurio, Evermine brought in a METAS semi rotary system, but also needed a finishing system for their short runs and custom label shapes.

For the custom shapes, Evermine chose to bring in the DBSX from Arrow Systems, Inc. “The DBSX is a full finishing system designed to laminate, cut, slit, and roll printed labels with ease” says Davis Tiburzi, Sales Manager for Arrow Systems. “Evermine had initially brought in a digital cutter from another manufacturer, but it wasn’t working properly for them so they contacted us for the DBSX. We installed it for them in May and they haven’t looked back since.”



The DBSX features easy to use software, and can handle a 13” web for use with just about any digital label printer on the market. It also has an integrated web guide, vacuum pad, up to 4 cutting heads, slitting, and dual rewinders to make it one of the best blade finishers on the market. If that wasn’t enough, the DBSX can finish labels at speeds up to 15’/min, making it the fastest blade finisher on the market.

“We are extremely happy with our purchase of the DBSX from Arrow Systems, Inc.” says Heidi Lewis, Production Manager for Evermine. “The DBSX is solving a lot of the issues we were facing with our previous blade finisher, and making our lives a lot easier. It allows us to turn around short run labels in minutes, and gives us the flexibility to take just about any order.”

For more information on the DBSX, contact Arrow Systems, Inc. at www.arrsys.com, or [email protected].

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