Etimex Print Installs Anycut III in Mexico to Help with Short Run Label Production

The any-CUT III digital laser diecutter now allows Etimex Print to offer on-demand labels to its customers.

Etimex Print, which is part of the Etimex Group and based in Mexico, has solved multiple labeling and packaging challenges with the recent purchase of an any-CUT III digital laser diecutter from Bitek Technology.

Etimex Print provides a host of services, including diecutting, printing, packaging, security labels, special labels and more. The company utilizes digital presses, letterpresses and an analog diecutting machine, which are all designed to ensure quality label production. Etimex was recently unable to meet customer demand for orders involving various designed labels in small quantities. The any-CUT III digital laser diecutter now allows Etimex Print to offer on-demand labels to its customers.

In the past, companies used to place bulk orders. However, the emergence of mid and small-scale companies has increased the demand for small orders from customers. Greater competition in the label printing industry has also necessitated shorter lead times.

Etimex Print primarily used an analog diecutter for most orders, but the company began researching digital label diecutters to help with various complex shapes. Etimex finally zeroed on any-CUT III due to its wide range of features. This digital laser cutting machine does not require consumables such as a knife cutter or flexible die. Furthermore, its customizable attributes allow users to change the designs at any point.

“We’ve been looking towards bringing in equipment designed for short-run jobs, and after we found Anytron, Bitek Technology, we decided that their equipment was a perfect fit for what we were aiming to do,” explains Jorge Martinez, CEO of Etimex. “Favorably, this machine’s size is very compact compared to another laser cutting machine. It has helped us save space and costs. We are now able to offer our customers small quantity labels as well as individual stickers all printed and cut on the state-of-the-art equipment that we purchased from Anytron.”

Based on its experience with any-CUT III, Etimex Print is planning on buying Anytron’s inline label system, any-JET, soon.

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