Customer Spotlight: Cannabiz Supply

Customer Spotlight: Cannabiz Supply

Attractive labeling is an essential aspect of marketing a brand, and the cannabis sector is no exception to this rule.  Cannabiz Supply has been providing packaging for everything cannabis since 2016.

The product of a merger between Quality Commercial, Blanks Preroll, and Hippie Trips, Cannabiz Supply is the one stop shop for all that the cannabis user might need (except cannabis) and has been ahead of the curve since 2016, offering labels, packaging and smoking accessories to the cannabis-enjoying public.  “Anything you can put cannabis in, more than likely we sell it,” says Paul Leon, head of the print division.

The company got its start in California in 2016—the same year that marijuana was legalized for recreational use — and was able to take advantage of the rapid growth in demand for cannabis-related products. 

They began with packaging. Later they purchased the Anyjet, Arrow Slitter 1500, & 1600-C, and Arrow Eco from Arrow Systems and moved into the labeling business.  

Although none of the three principles had any experience in printing or graphic design and they’ve only been in printing for 6 months, it’s been a pretty smooth run so far.  It was easy for them to get their operation up to speed thanks to Arrow’s focused and dedicated customer service   

 “The cool thing with Arrow is that they send out techs to help you understand the machine.  The guys spend a week [teaching you] to operate the machines. They make sure that you understand how to use it efficiently, [and help you build your production], rather than just selling you the machine. They don’t just drop it off and say ‘Good luck!’” says Leon. 

And if problems or questions arise, help is just a phone call, text, or email away. “They definitely know their machines, that’s the key thing. It’s a market that they really understand.” He appreciates that Arrow offers genuine customer service rather than just acting as a middleman to market the products.

Cannabiz Supply’s future with labeling looks bright – and busy.  In the short six months that their labeling production has been online, it’s growing more quickly than their packaging division. 

Arrow Systems’ equipment allows them to print 15 – 20,000 labels per day. Leon says that he’s looking to buy additional products from Arrow soon. “I would not work with any other print tech seller or reseller without Arrow systems being present.  I really trust this company. They’re not sales people. They’re actual people,” he says.