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Best Label Printers for Weed Labels and Stickers

With the new sets of laws and regulations regarding usage of marijuana changing in the US and Canada, the weed label printing industry is growing exponentially.

It is quite difficult to maintain the standards set by the respective states to govern marijuana usage. Hence, the product label printing industry plays a pivotal role in helping manufacturers of weed conduct their business by respecting the boundaries set by every state.

Increasing Demand for Cannabis labels

The ever growing need for cannabis is not only booming the demand for industrial label printers but also making the cannabis labelling an eye catching segment.

Custom product labels printed on industrial printers for the cannabis industry is a process which needs complete attention from the manufacturer. The manufacturer needs to adhere to the requirements of its respective state and print the labels accordingly.

Every state will have different product packaging requirements for cannabis manufactures. Commercial label printers are your best bet if you want your cannabis products to stand out in the market.

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Which Type of Printer is Right for Weed Labels?

Every manufacturer has two options for the choice of weed label printers for their cannabis


First is Inkjet Label printers and secondly Laser label printers. Lastly, the increasing popularity of custom mylar bags also gives manufacturers an option to print commercial labels on mylar bags.

Mylar bag printing of color labels helps manufacturers save on cost and also provides ease of transportation.

It is indeed difficult to figure out which are the best label printers for weed labels. But we at Arrow can help you understand that.

Let us explore the best printers for weed labels and how you can utilize the full color stickers completely.

We will talk about laser label printers first.

The first in line in QL 300 5 color label printer

QL 300 5 Color Label Printer

Quicklabel’s newest 5 color printer is making a lot of buzz in the label printing industry.


They’re the first ones to come up with a 5 color printer and that too on a table top machine.

QL 300 5 color label printer provides high quality prints and the user can print on pre cut or continuous roll labels.

It is easy to print on a variety of label materials such as BEPOP, Polypropylene, PVC, PET among others. Any manufacturer can now take the advantage of using the white color in their custom labels packaging

With high impact colors providing a resolution of 1200×1200 dpi, Quicklabel makes the roll label printing very attractive. QL 300 serves as one of the best options in terms of laser printing when it comes to printing cannabis labels.

The advantage of printing on variety materials, a compact printer with a print speed at 30’/min and additional white color makes QL 300 a complete package for any small cannabis manufacturer. Whether you are printing stickers and labels for your product, or bumper stickers for your marketing efforts, the QL-300 is an ideal choice!

The next in line is Anytron’s ANY-002

ANY-002 Full Color Label Printer

Anytron’s ANY-002 is a premier GHS certified full color label printer for small quantities. ANY-002 can easily print upto 5000 labels within two hours. All the weed manufacturers who would like to print quick samples for their customers, then we highly recommend ANY-002.

Other than printing cannabis labels, ANY-002 can also be used to print other consumable labels such as food labels, e-juice labels, bottle labels and drum labels. Printing on pre cut rolls has never been easy.

The user can also use an offline print cut finishing system with ANY-002 with utmost convenience. ANY-002 also gives label makers the option to print on pre die cut labels as well as on continuous rolls.

ANY-002 is also one of the most cost effective printers that Anytron possesses. It saves money on production, rental, man hours and label designers can use the machine on their own without any hassle. Not to forget ANY-002 serves high speed and high quality printing.

Now let us jump to the next segment of printers that a weed manufacturer can opt for.

When we talk about inkjet printers for the best weed label printers, we highly recommend two printers to you.

First is Arrow’s proprietary water based inkjet printer ArrowJet Aqua 330R.

ArrowJet Aqua 330R

ArrowJet Aqua 330R is a high speed digital pigment inkjet label printer.

The astonishing facts about the Aqua 330R is that it uses water based pigment for label printing, provides flexible packaging and the print engine is by Memjet’s latest DuraFlex technology.

This giant can print labels up to 150’/min with the highest resolution anyone can ask for, 1600×1600 dpi.

ArrowJet Aqua 330R comes with Arrow’s proprietary RIP software and user interface, making print job management very easy for its users. The machine provides the user with the choice of custom label design using water based pigment.

Unwinding and Rewinding comes with standard sizes of 19.7” OD, but a custom order can be accepted for a different size. It also supports some lower primer coats and uncoated materials, hence providing a variety of options to the users. An all-in-one sticker printer and cutter, as a layman would call, is what ArrowJet Aqua 330R is.

Cannabis label printing becomes on demand, if the manufacturer desires to print any number of labels.

Second inkjet label printer that a weed manufacturer can buy is Trojan T2-C.

Trojan T2-C Table-Top Digital Printer

Trojan T2-C Digital Label Printer

T2-C from Trojan is a large capacity table-top printer. This table-top printer offers the fastest way to print labels for its users.

With the capacity to print thousands of labels every hour, Trojan ensures that inhouse labelling becomes as easy as it can get. Print resolution is maxed out at 1600×1600 dpi and T2-C offers print on pre-cut roll labels.

T2-C features printing up to 4 labels at a time across the media and with zero waste. Eventually highlighting how much cost effective Trojan’s T2-C can be in the labelling industry.

On demand printing is also something T2-C does not stop in its portfolio of offerings. You do not need any minimum order quantities (MOQs), print a small batch or a large batch of labels at your command.

T2-C can also be paired with a print and cut system and make the finished product efficient. A separate printer cutter or a digital finisher to cut or slit the labels. This can make the life of a weed manufacturer very easy, when it comes to saving time as well as money.

Lastly, we will like to throw some more light on mylar bag printing for selling and distribution of cannabis labels and other CBD products.

Trojan T2-L 

When it comes to printing custom mylar bags, we mean flexible packaging. Trojan has another big arsenal in its artillery when it comes to a mylar bag printing machine!

T2-L, a roll-to-roll inkjet mini press with lamination inline. It is the ideal digital printer for any weed manufacturer who wants to print mylar bags for edibles. The lamination inline allows for food safe packaging since the ink never touches the inside of the materials.

The T2-L provides the facility of flexible packaging and hence printing on mylar bags is possible.

Why is the emphasis on mylar bags increasing everyday?

A lot of cannabis companies would rather sell weeds in their states in mylar bags because the labels are more eco-friendly than the ones on glass jars. Also the transportation and fixed cost involved in glass jars is much lesser than that on mylar bags.

T2-L makes the printing process more efficient, with print speeds of 60’/min and 1600×1600 dpi resolution, a cannabis label will be printed at high quality with high durability.

On-the-fly color management for job maintenance makes life easy for every T2-L user with two-litre CMYK tanks and spot color replacement.

T2-L also supports the feature of printing on pre die cut labels or it can be paired with an offline finishing system.

To read more on flexible packaging and mylar bags please do read our previous blog.

Other than the printers we’ve mentioned in this blog, find our other digital label printers here and reach out to us if you have any questions.