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Boost Sales by Changing Packaging

Boost Sales by Changing Packaging

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Move Away from the Expected

In some industries, there is a certain material used for packing certain products. The biggest one that seems to always come to mind is beverage package design. Since companies realized that plastic was a more affordable solution, companies starting switching over from traditional glass bottles to easy to use plastic. Obviously, this came with environmental impacts, but that aside, you can look at is as an easy way to differentiate yourself in a huge market. Take what your industry claims is the most efficient way of packaging and think outside the box.

Add Something Fun!

Even if you don’t feel comfortable branching away from the material your product comes in, there are so many ways to change it up to get people interested and excited in what you’re selling. One of the companies that did this was Popsicle. They would put riddles on the stick and you had to finish the whole popsicle to get the answer. A fun and inventive idea that make it fun for kids, and even adults, to indulge in their products. Snapple is another company that has done something similar. On the inside of every cap you can find a piece of trivia. This makes the company seem more relatable and fun. Adding this small element of surprise can really help you stand out in a market that focuses solely on selling a product to someone without thinking of the individual who is interacting with your product.

Make it “Up-Cyclable”

Recycling has taken on many forms for those especially conscientious about the environment. Simply going to a bottle return or throwing something in a recycling bin has become a thing of the past for many individuals. These people focus on buying products with packaging that can be not only recycled, by UP-cycled into something even better than it was originally. Bottles and cans are being used to make small gardens, old jam jars are used to make kitchen mugs, and people are even using old bike parts to make jewelry. This is a constantly changing and creative way to turn your product’s packaging into something new. Imagine if some products were to use this in their actual product packaging designs! It is truly an untapped market that is growing day by day.

Stay in Touch with Today’s Trends

Trends are in a constant state of change which makes it difficult to keep up. What’s helpful about simply changing your product packaging is that your product itself never has to change. After all, this is something you and your company have worked hard to create and it shouldn’t have to change as quickly as trends seem to change direction. Simply by making your packaging material more attractable to those who follow trends, you can increase your sales. The current state of a lot of packaging trends is leaning toward biodegradable packaging and environmentally conscientious business plans. By utilizing this information and playing to an entirely different market simply by changing the way your product is packaged, you can increase your sales.

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