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Food and Beverages

Food & Beverages

Ideal for labels on food packaging, ensuring safety and compliance with food industry regulations(Nestle guidance Compliant).

Water-based technology aligns with the increasing demand for eco-friendly and food-safe packaging.

pharmaceutical labels industry


Meets stringent regulations for pharmaceutical packaging with a focus on safety and durability.

Water-based inks are often preferred for pharmaceutical labels due to their low toxicity.

Cosmetics/Personal Care

Provides vibrant and high-quality printing for labels on cosmetic and personal care products.

Appeals to consumers in these industries who often prioritize sustainable and visually appealing packaging.

Retail and Branding

Meets the aesthetic and sustainability requirements of retail packaging and branding.

Water-based technology aligns with the brand image of companies focusing on environmentally conscious practices.

Home and Cleaning

Well-suited for labels on cleaning and household products, meeting safety and regulatory standards.

Water-based inks are advantageous for labels on products used in indoor environments.

Health and Wellness

Ideal for labels on health and wellness products, providing a safe and visually appealing solution.

Water-based technology caters to the preferences of consumers in this industry who prioritize health and sustainability.

Arrow Product Line

State-of-Art Digital Labels & Packaging Printers and Finishers!

ArrowJet Hybrid pro

Prime, Print and Varnish all in-line for glossy durable Labels

Arrow Overjet 700

High Speed Direct-To-Package Inkjet printer 

Arrow 330r Lite

ArrowJet Aqua 330 R Lite

High-Resolution, Digital Inkjet Printer with CMYK color

ArrowJet Nova 250R

Inline Digital Printer and Laser Die-Cutter


Arrow Ezcut 330R

Roll to Roll Multi Blade Digital Label Die-Cutter

Arrow EZCUT 330A

Arrow Ezcut 330 A

Roll-to-roll & Roll-to-sheet digital blade finishing

ARROWCUT Nova 250-product-image

Arrow Cut Nova 250

Laser Die Cutter

Arrow Eco 300

Arrow Eco 300

Roll-to-Roll Desktop Finisher