Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota Approve Recreational Marijuana; Where Will They Get Their Labels?

Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota Approve Recreational Marijuana; Where Will They Get Their Labels?

As more and more states across the US legalize recreational and medical marijuana, it will become an even larger market for the label printing industry. Cannabis labels have already created a strain on other recreational states label production, and have increased lead times for the weed labels to 2 weeks or more in some instances.

While a lot of the demand for color labels will be determined by the population of a state, as well as their requirements for the cannabis packaging, it is never too early to start looking at bringing in a color label printer to help your budding cannabis business print its own high quality custom labels.

Having the ability to print your own glass jar labels, tamper evident stickers and exit bag labels has never been easier! Utilizing a small color label printer will help you to get your products on to the shelves faster.

There is nothing worse then waiting on your custom cannabis labels to arrive in order for you to get a shipment out to your customers. Having the ability to fully control the packaging of your products is integral to your success. Whether you are printing on blank labels or just filling in your variable data on pre-printed labels, being able to have your product labels printed will give you a much faster turnaround time then waiting for your local printer.

Some of these states will require certified child resistant packaging, which can easily be accomplished with a small color printer and a label cutter paired together. Using both a color label printer and a die-cutter will also give you the ability to create custom packaging on almost any label material you prefer.

Having endless packaging options can also be a hindrance to a lot of companies. The ability to custom print any design on any type of material may lead to a lot of uncertainty for your custom branded marijuana labels.

This is where experts like the guys at Arrow Systems, Inc. can help. They have over 40 years of industry knowledge, and their finger on the pulse of the cannabis industry with customers in all of the currently legal states.

If you are looking to boost your sales through the use of custom labels, our team will be here to help every step of the way. From determining the right custom label printer, to finding the right materials to give you brand a message, our staff will help you find the packaging solutions you’ve been looking for. Contact us today for a free consultation!