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5 Tips for Cosmetic Labels

5 Tips for Printing Your Cosmetic Labels

Whether you’re a small-business or a large corporation in the cosmetics space, competition can be tough. There are countless numbers of competing products designed to fill the same needs as your own, sometimes with extensive marketing dollars behind them. It can be extremely difficult to stand out on shelves among the countless alternatives. The best chance that you have from a visibility standpoint is to create a unique and compelling product label that allows your product to outshie the competition at first glance. Below are some tips for creating a cosmetic label that really stands out to customers:

1. Use for Waterproof Materials

It’s important to think about where your products will end up. Customers typically store their skin creams and other cosmetics in the bathroom near the sink and shower, which means your labels should be able to resist moisture so they don’t wear down after a few days or  months.

When customers use up a bottle of your product and the label still looks good, they’ll get a subtle reminder about which brand to buy leading to repeat business. On the other hand, if the label is no longer visible they will likely not remember which product initially peaked their interest at the time of purchase.

2. Express Your Company’s Identity

What is your brand about? This is an important question to answer before embarking on creating a unique label experience. Is your brand all about creating a natural, refreshing feeling?

Is your style more classy and glamorous? No matter what kind of image you’re trying to create for your brand, you can enhance that effect by selecting the right material and finish for your cosmetic labels, creating experiences that range from a papery feeling to a slick, shining chrome look. This can be done through material selection, as well as print type.

3. Pick the Right Label for Your Packaging

Match the dimensions of your custom product labels to the bottles they will adorn. Whether printing your own labels in-house, or outsourcing them from another company, be sure to check that the size of the label fits well on to your packaging and looks right after it is applied.

There is nothing worse than ordering a thousand labels and finding out that they are the wrong shape or size, or that the color clashes with your bottles. Double check all of these small details before going in to production.

4. Use Bold Graphics

Bold graphics will help to give your product shelf appeal and catch the eye of a potential customer as they walk past potential products that they are searching for.

Having a packaging design that stands out from the rest of the similar products will help to get customers to choose your product over the rest by catching their eye with an appealing graphic or packaging design.

5. Don’t Break the Bank

Label costs can range anywhere from $.01 to $1.00 depending on a variety of factors, such as the material they are printed on, special effects that are used (varnish, lamination, embossing, etc.) as well as what type of equipment they are printed on and the quantities that are printed.

While ordering pre-printed labels from a supplier is a good starting point, there is nothing better than having full control over your label production by utilizing an in-house label printer.

If you are interested in bringing your label printing in-house, contact Arrow Systems today and we will help you get started! With a team of professions experienced in material and application support, ASI is the perfect partner for great label printing made easy!

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