5 Reasons for In-House Label Printing

With the short attention spans of people in the world today, things are constantly changing, Products going in and out of style with little to no rhyme or reason for any of it. This can be very bad for businesses that rely on big time manufacturing plants for their product labels, Having thousands of labels required to be printed only to sell half that amount can add up to a huge total in wasted expenses for a company. However, there is a way to circumvent this with in-house on-demand label printing. If some convincing is needed, here are five solid reasons to look into printing labels in-house:

Design Change on the Fly

Want to make a new label for an awesome new product? Good luck getting what you are looking for expediently without breaking the bank. Testing label changes are simple, cheap, and efficient with in-house label printing. Only print what is needed when trying out new designs and keep what looks good, not just what can be afforded. No more throwing away excess labels from a MOQ. Print what you need when you need it with an in-house label printer.

Instant Turnaround

Gone are the days when production will be shut down and time will be lost due to running out of labels. The ability to print the exact amount of labels needed can allow any size of project to go on without hassle. This is invaluable to a company that constantly is changing orders. With a high speed, high quality printer like the Epson C7500 or Anytron Any-002, any labels that are needed can be achieved with just-in-time printing.

Last Minute Design Changes

As an example, say an order changes last minute and the old labels used are now obsolete: How does one handle such a situation? Dispose of the irrelevant labels and order entirely new ones from the manufacturer? That’s such a waste, not only of time, but of money and the lovely trees that gave their lives. On-demand label printing saves money, trees and time so the order can be exactly as the customer needs, even if it is last minute.

Reduced Label Costs

If a business only needs a few hundred labels for a new product test or custom made run in-house label printing can be extremely beneficial. Instead of having to order a minimum quantity from a label manufacturer, the exact amount of labels the order requires can be printed without any excess expense or waste. Take, for example, the Epson C3500; an inexpensive on-demand color inkjet label printer that can get the job done for a fraction of the price. High-quality labels can be printed on demand with no waste whenever they are needed. If purchased, the ROI (return on investment) happens after only a few product runs and the cost per label is significantly reduced in comparison to having labels ordered from a manufacturer.

Meeting Labeling Requirements

Certain companies have started to become affected by new laws and mandates put into effect, such as GHS labels for hazardous materials. Using pre-printed labels can get expensive under this new mandate, especially if there are multiple SKUs that each require a different design. A plain old laser printer isn’t going to get this job done, it’s not durable enough; a much more quality GHS digital label printer will be needed to print these labels. The Epson C831 or an Anytron Any-002 are perfect solutions for this important job. Quick, quality, and flexible, both of these machines get the job done with a pigmented ink or toner that is solvent and water resistant.

On-demand label printing isn’t for every company, but neither are mass production labels. In-house label printing can save a lot of time, money and stress especially for small to medium sized companies. If small, custom orders is the name of the game then looking into in-house label printing may be the way to go.

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